Redesign of PCBA
Optimisation (BOM)

Innovation and Precision in Action

Explore our ingenious solutions to turn your ideas into impactful realities.

Design For Excellence (DFx)

SMT Intelligence excels in electronic assembly, product optimization, and mechanical assembly. Our DFx-centered approach aims to improve performance while adhering to the most demanding quality standards.

Based on close collaboration between our designers, engineers, and production teams, our strategy considers various parameters such as material choices, manufacturing techniques, dimensional tolerances, and assembly.

Industrial Design

Mechanical Design

Electrical Design

Product design and launch

From ideation to final product, our engineering team, along with our New Product Introduction (NPI) group, paves the way for limitless achievements.

Our proposition:

Automating a production line

Our mastery of automation is fundamental to our expertise. It enhances our production capabilities, creates a shield against human errors, and ensures the reliability of our products. It represents strategic value guaranteeing superior quality.

Proactive material and supply chain management

Our approach integrates traceability solutions and detailed reporting thanks to our ERP software. This improves your production by providing a complete view of the supply chain, bringing concrete benefits to your process.


Prototyping is a crucial element of electronic innovation. Our service accelerates the transition from the concept idea to the functional model. With a dedicated team and meticulous processes, we support you at every step, providing a comprehensive solution for electronic manufacturing.

Redesign of PCBA

We master the art of prolonging the life of your designs. Our specialization is finding replacement solutions for components no longer available in the market. By identifying equivalents or proposing alternatives, we preserve the continuity of your project during the transition to new elements.