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Potting + Coating
Box Build
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Proactive Management

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From Design to Delivery

Printed circuit board assembly, PCBA

We employ the latest in automated assembly technologies to position, solder, and test each component accurately. Our custom solutions blend a variety of components: electronic, mechanical, and optical. Through active collaboration with your team, we commit to continuous improvement, providing PCBA solutions that meet your expectations. 

Encapsulation (Potting) and conformal coating

Encapsulation and conformal coating at SMT Intelligence: secrets of durability.

Box Build

Understanding your requirements and the end goal of the product, we assemble, test, and manage the logistics of your finished products.

Our areas of expertise include:

High-volume automated mechanical Assembly

Innovation shines through the integration of artificial intelligence and human expertise in high-throughput mechanical assembly on our automated assembly lines. This enables us to cater to custom solutions for all production volumes, ensuring remarkable quality and performance. 

Proactive supply chain management

Our approach integrates traceability solutions and detailed reporting thanks to our ERP software. This improves your production by providing a complete view of the supply chain, bringing concrete benefits to your process.