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At the core of SMT's offering lies its ability to act as a strategic partner, working closely with clients throughout the process. Leveraging our expertise in design and engineering, we reduce costs and time to market. Our success hinges on a synergistic approach: in everything we do, we aim to create added value.

Before embarking on a project, our design, testing, and production services collaborate closely to optimize manufacturing and testing processes for our clients.

Our services and your success depend on three key service areas.

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1. Engineering

  • 1.1 Product Design and Launch
  • 1.2 Design for excellence (DFE)
  • 1.3 Test Solution Design
  • 1.4 Automation and Robotics

Whether you're launching a new product or improving an existing one, we offer comprehensive support from initial concept to the finished product. Our affiliated research and development center, along with our New Product Introduction (NPI) group, ensures that anything is possible.

Our NPI team guides you through the entire process, using software like VALOR, ensuring your leadership in the industry. Cost reduction, faster time to market, efficient supply chains, superior manufacturing, and exceptional quality are ingrained in our DNA to ensure your product's competitiveness and adherence to the highest quality standards.

SMT Intelligence specializes in optimizing every facet of electronic product design and manufacturing to enhance performance, reliability, quality, and cost-effectiveness. By employing Design for Excellence (DFX) strategies paired with scalable software like VALOR.

  • Design for Advanced Manufacturability (DFM)
  • Design for Procurement (DFP)
  • Design for Assembly Optimization (DFA)
  • Design for Testing (DFT)
  • Design for Automation (DFC)

Our industry reputation is built on pioneering test solutions. We're capable of integrating your own test stations with our automated production management software or designing fully or semi-automated test solutions. We have a wide range of equipment to meet your needs.

  • Automated Functional Tests
  • Environmental Tests, including vibrations and thermal cycles
  • Thermal Shock Tests
  • In-Circuit Tests (ICT, Flying Probe)
  • Optical Tests
  • High-Power System Tests
  • Robotic System Testing
  • X-ray Testing

Our commitment is to deliver 100% tested and functional circuits.

SMT Intelligence has earned its reputation in integrating automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence for precise, reliable, and repeatable manufacturing processes. We offer turnkey automation solutions for all production stages.

2. Supply Chain

One of our greatest strength lies in material and supply chain management. All our management and control processes are built on principles of timely delivery and real-time transparency in the progress of the supply chain, shared with our clients.

You will never encounter last-minute material shortages; we are proactive.

SMT Intelligence has integrated several software solutions with global component and supplier databases, complemented by artificial intelligence. This ensures real-time tracking of ordered materials, obsolescence management, prevention of stockouts, material availability, and pricing. We provide automated weekly reports on the supply chain's evolution in line with your forecasts. With complete transparency, if you find a more advantageous offer, we commit to adjusting our rate.

We are ready to support you at any time, providing reports on obsolescence, replacement components, or global stock availability through our Silicone Expert software.

  • 2.1 Flexibility (Kitting - Turnkey)
  • 2.2 Management and Traceability
  • 2.3 Component Programming

SMT Intelligence allows clients to choose between providing their own components (kitting) or relying on us for end-to-end supply chain management (turnkey).

SMT has developed a 100% automated system for tracking material consumption. By using unique component identification via barcodes and optical readers at each production stage, we monitor material location, consumption, and integration into electronic circuits in real time in the assembly of your products. dans l'assemblage de vos produits. Our entire ERP system tracks material variations and responds immediately to overconsumption or the use of incorrect components. This automation triggers production stoppages or material purchases to prevent future shortages. We are able to provide you with the complete pedigree of your circuit.

SMT Intelligence provides programming services for electronic components such as microcontrollers or programmable integrated circuits. This service involves configuring components with the necessary code or data to enable their functionality within the overall electronic assembly.

3. Manufacturing

  • 3.1 PCBA and Integration
  • 3.2 Production for All Volumes
  • 3.3 Prototyping and Beyond
  • 3.4 Assembly BOX Build


With its three facilities spanning over 100,000 square feet and ten lines of automated Surface Mount Technology (SMT) production, boasting a capacity of 3 million component placements per hour, SMT Intelligence executes world-class projects.

Our production management and traceability software ensure transparency and total quality at every stage of the manufacturing process. Thanks to our traceability systems, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, certified manufacturing and assembly facilities, ITAR registration, IPC Class 2 and Class 3 accreditation, combined with 100% automated inspection and testing systems, we guarantee consistent quality and meet all your requirements.

Whether you require small or large volume production, with low or high complexity, we have the resources and expertise you need. With unparalleled precision, cutting-edge technology, highly automated facilities, and a cleanroom environment, you can expect on-time deliveries and high-quality standards.

SMT Intelligence offers prototyping services for New Product Introductions (NPI) to support you, improve product development, and test preliminary product designs. We continually recommend improvements to optimize products for mass production.

Our expertise encompasses advanced and reliable electronic manufacturing services. We are committed to providing a comprehensive electronic manufacturing solution, preparing your product for the market. We go beyond prototyping, covering new product introductions, product modifications, mass production, and full product lifecycle support from inception to end-of-life.

In addition to printed circuit board assembly (PCBA), SMT Intelligence has developed significant expertise in subsystem integration and full product integration. We have manual mechanical assembly cells and multiple robots for fully automated mechanical assembly. Customer experience remains our top priority because, whatever your requirements, we have the solution. If it doesn't exist, we have all the resources to develop and integrate it. You will have a project manager who will guide you from start to finish and support you for all your future needs.