The Intelligence ... to Rejuvenate Itself to Think globally to Go Further

The intelligence...
to go further

  • Transforming the technologies of tomorrow with tailor-made manufacturing solutions for scalable electronic products.

We improve current technologies to meet our clients’ future needs.

We offer scalable tailor-made solutions for the manufacturing of electronic products, specifically designed for the industrial, medical, energy, automotive, aerospace, corporate and military.

Thanks to our renowned expertise and AI-based innovation, we guarantee high quality, adapted solutions for each of our clients and value the precious contribution of our employees at every stage of the process.


  • Reaching new heights  

Become the indisputable North American leader in the manufacturing of electronic products by offering a full range of tailor-made services.


  • We are SMART

Intelligence is central to everything we do.

It embodies how we interact, think, develop and grow at SMT Intelligence. No matter what product we’re working on, a set of fundamental values guides us in all of our decisions and brings us together as a team.



We push boundaries. We innovate. We see big. We create opportunities.


We get excited by our clients’ projects. We foster open and collaborative work.


We dare to take risks and defy convention with determination


We put every effort into reliability, precision, excellence and quality.


We are flexible and value integrity. We believe in authentic and lasting relationships with our clients and employees.

We appreciate your interest in SMT Intelligence and eagerly await welcoming you into our community of bright and innovative minds.